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Liquid hair: Learn about this new hair trend and how to achieve it! 

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hi, I'm Kashia, beauty professional. Today I'm going to tell you about the coolest hair fashion trend, liquid hair.

Although it is not a new proposal, as this style had been used before in the nineties, we can say that it had not caused as much furor as now. This time the look is back, but in a more glamorous way!

Let's learn more about the desired, liquid hair, for this we will answer some questions:

  1. What is liquid hair?

  2. How to achieve this effect?

  3. What is the best treatment to get liquid hair?

If after reading this article you become as big a fan of it as Kim Kardashial, don't hesitate to ask for it at your favorite and trusted salon.

1.-What is liquid hair?

Liquid hair is a look that consists of wearing the hair extremely straight, making it look with a very soft and shiny texture. Its movement simulates similar reflections to those of water when it catches the sunlight. Beautiful, isn't it?

This smoothing has driven many of the celebrities of the moment crazy, its glamorous appearance and that spectacular shine, has seemed to them simply irresistible!

You're probably asking yourself, but why all the fuss if it's just a straightening? I wondered too, the difference between liquid hair and other straightening products is that the hair looks flawless, shiny, light and silky! Wonderful, isn't it?

2.-How to achieve this effect?

As always, for any type of hair treatment I will recommend you to go to a beauty professional, because he will not only achieve the look you want, but he will also apply the most appropriate treatments, always taking into account the characteristics of your hair and he will also recommend the necessary guidelines to make your hair look healthy and beautiful!

3.-What is the best treatment to get liquid hair?

There are many treatments that exist to achieve a beautiful straightening, however there is one that stands out for being more effective and durable; I refer to the keratin treatment, as well as eliminating frizz, it will bring much shine and regenerate the hair strand of your hair, giving it the shiny and smooth appearance that is needed to achieve this precious look.

To maintain the results I advise you to apply products with vegetable keratin such as Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner by Kashia Beauty.

Once you have applied the Keratin treatment it is time to start straightening, but first make sure you have a moisturizing treatment to prevent your hair from being damaged by the heat of flat ironing. You can use for example Aminoacid Infusion and Coconut Silk Angel Hair, both of which will help to reinforce the shine in your hair, revitalize it and make it softer.

Remember that what characterizes this look apart from the straightening is the shiny effect. So go ahead, let's get even more shine!

Once you have applied your moisturizing and protective treatment to achieve a perfect straightening, it is time to dry and style your hair properly. To do this you need to use heat tools that won't damage your hair, whether it's a flat iron or a straightening brush. Your stylist will surely have a professional flat iron that will pamper your hair, but if you want to style it at home afterwards, we suggest the Phenomenally Hair Brush Professional by Kashia Beauty, which will help you to straighten your hair and also to dry it, because it is a multifunctional tool, you won't have to use more than this brush to dry and style it, isn't it fantastic?

I'm sure when you try it, you will fall in love with it as much as I did!

The preferred hairstyle for liquid hair is the middle parting because it achieves a mirror effect, it will also leave your face clear and give a more harmonious effect to the styling of your hair. You will look beautiful!

And now that you know more about liquid hair, do you dare to wear an extra smooth mane?

Leave me your comments or share this article with someone else who might be interested!

be interested!

Thank you so much for reading, I promise I'll be back!

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