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Get to know the latest trends in hair dyes!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hi, I'm Kashia, beauty professional. In today's article I'm going to talk to you about the latest trends in hair dyes.

We'll find out what the favorite shades have been so far, what people are asking for and what we're going to continue to see, so if you're thinking about a new hair color, you should stay until the end of this article!

Are you hesitating when it comes to choosing a change of look for your hair, whether it's a new haircut or a change of color, and how easy it is to change clothes if you don't like the way they look! But when it comes to our hair, it's a different story, isn't it?

Even before the beginning of the year, there was already talk that the color trends that were coming were going to be very varied. Confirmed! And so it has been. We are in spring and we find ourselves with a wide range of proposals and with a great variety of shades for hair dyes. There is no well-defined trend, but rather a little bit of each style; daring proposals; sober proposals. It seems that this season anything goes!

Let's start with our list, so you can find inspiration and choose what will be your new hair color!



Browns are no longer a basic hair color, nowadays it is one of the most requested, because apart from being a dye that requires little maintenance it has been shown that it fits with any skin type, besides that it will bring brightness to your hair, gives light to your face and is easy to maintain. I love it! And you, what do you think? Do you dare with it?


If you are indecisive and have always wanted a strong color like red, but don't want to risk so much, this tone is for you, as it combines red, pink and copper. This makes it, on the one hand, natural and on the other a bit more daring. The truth is that I think it is a really beautiful combination!

To keep the color and shine for longer, I recommend using specific shampoos for it, this time I recommend the Argan The Hair Joy shampoo by Kashia Beauty. Your hair will thank you!



This tone has set a trend so far, since it is a tone that uses combinations of gold and warm tones, it makes your hair look more natural and softens the features, however, you will not go unnoticed, because it is a color that achieves a unique impact! To achieve this tone is necessary to use the balayage technique. I recommend that you go to your salon and put yourself in the hands of experts. They will get your hair to look the shade you want.

You should consider that as it is a tone that requires a strong bleaching, it will be high maintenance and you will have to dedicate more care and quality products. Pamper your hair more than ever! I recommend Kashia Beauty's Ultraviolet shampoo, as it is a neutralizing shampoo that not only mattifies but also neutralizes, which will help your hair tone last longer. You'll be delighted!


If you want a radical change, this shade will be an option for you. The platinum color is definitely among the most desired of the year, since despite being a "daring" and high maintenance tone, it has been very popular for being a color that will make you look incredible and younger! It will also define your face. It is definitely one of my favorites for this season.

If you have fallen in love with this shade and have chosen it for yourself, it is important to consider that to achieve this color, you need a high degree of bleaching, so it is highly recommended that you put yourself in the hands of a professional stylist who uses top quality professional hair products, so that in addition to getting the tone you want, they will teach you how to take care of it and keep it healthy.

I recommend you try Colorimetry Collection by Kashia Beauty. Their new BEST FRIENDS line features a wide range of solid colors made up of 58 vibrant, long-lasting shades. This permanent color cream is formulated with natural ingredients with moisturizing and filmogenic effect, which are friendly to your hair. We also have the shade that will help you achieve the platinum look you've been longing for - order Intensive Grey at your local salon!



This color is characterized by being strong and must be a very intense black. It has become one of the most popular shades this season. With it your hair will look shiny, healthy and elegant and if you also have long hair, it will be a plus for this tone you look even more!

It will look beautiful with any skin type and will highlight your features. The truth is that it won't let you go unnoticed! Do you dare with Glossy Black?



If you have a hard time deciding between blonde and red, this color is definitely for you!

Being a combination of both, this shade has become one of the most desired so far this year. You'll look gorgeous!

I confess that I am in love with this color and I know that many of us are too.

Do you like the hair our girl Kashia is wearing? Sometimes it's not easy to achieve, so again, I suggest you go to your trusted stylist and ask for the Very Light Copper Blonde shade from the BEST FRIENDS by Kashia Beauty line.

You'll look that pretty!



If you're into more daring styles, you'll love these combinations of fantasy shades. You can apply them all over the hair or just on the fringe or ends. You can play with different colors and create a versatile fantasy look.

The only drawback is that to get these pink, orange, blue, green, etc, tones, you will have to use a high bleaching, so I recommend that both before and after bleaching you use a plex treatment as the Plex Greenlife Amino Acid and Keratin by Kashia Beauty. Its formula of collagen molecules will protect you throughout the process and your hair will thank you!

Now that you know the top shades of the season, let us know which one is your favorite! I'm sure you've fallen in love with more than one as much as I have!

I hope this article has inspired you to make an easier decision for your next hair color.

If you found this article useful, share it with someone else who might be interested and I invite you to follow us on our Social Networks! You will find us as Kashia Beauty Professional. This way you can keep up to date with our specials, news and other "hair tips".

Thank you very much for reading me, I promise to come back!

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