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5 products to prevent dry hair

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hello! I am Kashia and on this occasion I am going to talk about something that generates some doubts, because there are so many!

What products to use to make our hair healthy and beautiful?

It is easy!

If you want to avoid that your hair is dry, rough, brittle and matte.

If you want to have a happy hair, you must pamper it every day and with high quality products.

To do this, you must introduce specific products into your hair routine that nourish your hair from the internal structure, that is, nourish each hair strand, from the inside.

This is very important! Don't forget!

Go to your usual beauty salon, because they will offer you specific treatments, but the good news is that in addition to letting your stylist take care of your hair, you can also do it from home. Isn't it cool?

There are effective and hair repair treatments with which you will be able to restructure your hair from the inside.

Choose the products well and learn how to apply them.

This is exactly what I am going to do in this article. Show you which ones and how!

Always keep in mind that when it comes to hair, the quality of the products is what matters most if you want to obtain excellent results.

What 5 products can not be missing in your hair routine if you want to show off beautiful and healthy hair?

1.- It is very important that you choose the shampoo according to the type of hair you have. Shampoos clean and open the cuticle, some more than others. Depending on their composition, they drag dirt and nourish it in different ways.

Today we give as an example the Shampoo Hair Repair Keratin by Kashia Beauty, because with its formulation based on vegetable keratin, without sulfates or parabens, the washing of your hair will be soft and nutritious.

It is worth mentioning that over the years and as a consequence of external agents such as the sun, saltpeter, chlorine, pollution, use of chemical products, use of irons and hair dryers, etc., hair loses its own keratin and appears damaged and reacts by showing "dry and split ends".

So, not only do you have to worry about the condition of our hair on dates like September, after the summer, when most hair is in this state: Dry, malnourished, without shine.

I recommend applying a keratin shampoo throughout the year.

This will be the first step to achieve our goal: clean without damaging your hair.

2.- Equally important is to choose the conditioner keratin well. The conditioner will be in charge of adding softness to your hair, thanks to its slightly creamy texture. Its application is quick and easy

Continuing with the Keratin Collection of Kashia Beauty, "free parabens", I recommend the Conditioner Hair Repair Keratin Collection formulated with vegetable keratin, in just 5 minutes you will notice the big difference!

3.- In a damaged hair restoration treatment, I cannot forget about the keratin mask.

I suggest you use the Mask Keratin by Kashia Beauty, an unctuous and creamy mask, formulated with collagen and vegetable keratin with which your hair will regain elasticity, eliminating unpleasant "frizz". If you have oily hair, this mask is also ideal for you, because it contains citric acid and it is free of parabens.

Before applying the mask, create an intimate and special atmosphere.

How about some candles with your favorite fragrance and relaxing background music?

Remember to apply the mask with a gentle massage, don't be in a hurry! Then collect your hair with a turban. Make some tea and make yourself comfortable.

Make that moment, your moment!

Your hair has been ready both to wear a curly mane, curly hair, and to show off a perfectly straight mane.

4.- What do you think if I tell you that we're going to say goodbye to the split ends without having to cut it? Surely you love this idea!

To achieve this you only have to have a split-tip sealant at home. In Kashia Beauty we have the right product for you. This is the Infusion Hair Repair Leave in Solution, a split-tip repairer that has me in love.

Thanks to its advanced technology formula with a high PH content, as soon as it is applied, the cuticle opens, favoring the absorption of the keratin protein.

You can use it on dry or wet hair.

If you use it with wet hair, after washing, I advise you to dry it with a hairdryer. The heat will close the cuticle and trap all the nutrients during the process. You can also use the straighteners for a perfect straightening.

Infusion Hair also detangles without damaging and will give your hair a spectacular shine!

5.- I've left for last place the heat protectant for hair, not because I consider it to be the least important of all, of course not!

Can I tell you what a thermal protector is and what is it for?

A thermal protector is nothing more than an invisible barrier against heat that will prevent the breakage of the hair fiber and the loss of shine and elasticity.

At Kashia Beauty we have our Keratin Shine Lovely Silk, composed of keratin proteins, precious oils and arnica extract.

When a small amount is applied, it penetrates evenly into the capillary stem and provides high heat protection.

Beware that Lovely Silk can be used on wet hair or dry hair!

  • On wet hair and after washing, protect your hair from the heat of the hair dryer or the heat of the hair straighteners.

  • On dry hair, protect your hair from high sun exposure. Do the test! and apply it before going to the beach, mountain or pool, and you will tell me how it is!

For all this that I have told you, I recommend using a thermal protector 100%!

I hope that from now on it will be easier for you to protect and restore your hair from the inside, after all these hair tips.

By the way! I encourage you to follow us on all our social media platforms. You will find us as Kashia Beauty Professional, you Will find the dates of workshops, courses, news and hair care tricks.

It will be great to have you there! and you'll be welcome!

The only thing left for me is to thank you for reading me all the way through! I hope it helped you.

I'll be back with a new article, I promise!

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