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5 Mistakes about hair by Kashia Beauty

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hello friends! I am Kashia and today I am going to talk about the most famous five hair mistakes. They travel by word of mouth from mothers to daughters, from generation to generation. Let's get to it!


1º.- «Washing your hair daily improves the health of your scalp».

The truth is that if you wash your hair every day you will prevent the natural hydration, hydrated hair, which produces a mane that is not freshly cleaned. This natural fat is necessary for the health of your scalp, scalp health.

When you over-wash your hair you get rid of its natural activity that causes the glands that release the oil to go out of control. Thus entering a cycle in which you constantly seek to shampoo your hair to get rid of the unpleasant greasy ‘oily appearance of your hair.

Nowadays we have mild shampoos, without silicones, parabens or sulfates which do not damage the hair, but it is true that there are many others whose compositions are made up of pure chemicals that are indeed harmful to the health of our scalp.

How many times a week is it recommended to wash your hair?

Well, the truth is that it will depend on the type of hair you have, but as a general rule, my recommendation and that of many hair specialists are one day, yes, and two days no.

The question now is, will you hold on?

2.- «If I brush my hair a lot and often, it will fall off».

This is something that we hear a lot, but in fact, by brushing your hair daily, what you get is stimulating your scalp and using your own natural fat as a moisturizer, providing more shine, and preventing "hair loss".

Here is a tip! Brush your hair gently, this will prevent you from breaking your hair causing it to fall out

3.- «If I frequently cut my hair, it will grow faster».

Aside from a person’s genetic code, the growths of your hair will depend on your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

Taking care of your diet, enjoying your emotional well being and staying healthy will contribute to helping your hair grow at a normal rate, this will make you have “happy hair”

How often you cut your hair will never influence how fast it grows. In another entry of this blog, I will tell you of five infallible tricks that will make your hair grow faster and healthier.

4.- «If I pull out a grey hair seven will come out in its place».

The only thing that will happen if you pull out a pesky grey hair is that you’ll have one less hair on your head. That’s it.

So you can do two things: one, enjoy your "gray hairs", and take care of them with products specially formulated for them, such as ULTRAVIOLET by Kashia Beauty. Which is a toning and neutralizing shampoo that prevents gray hairs from turning yellow by oxidation of the hair; or two, if you are not too pleased with a gray look simply visit your local beauty salon and find a nice shade for complete coverage.

You also have the option of buying a hair dye and applying it yourself at home comfortably and whenever you want.

5.- «If you hydrate curly hair, it will straighten».

The only thing that will happen if you hydrate your curly hair is that it will look brighter, nothing more!

By hydrating your hair more, your curls will actually be more defined resulting in them looking beautiful and voluminous.

Show off your beautiful bouncy curls! But if you want to straighten your curly hair, there are specific straightening products and treatments, such as the keratin treatment, "keratin therapy", to name one, with which your hair will remain curl-free for months.


And these are the 5 most popular hair mistakes.

Of course, there are many more!

If you have any more tips, share them with me!

Fortunately, nowadays we have options for types of hair with wonderful treatment products. The important thing here is that you know the nature of your hair and know how to take care of it inside and out.

Using top-quality products that have your trust will guarantee the overall health of your hair.

“Your hair is forever and should be shown off every day. Pamper it as it deserves, every second of your life as you would yourself! Healthy hair is a happy hair.”

By the way! I encourage you to follow us on all our social media platforms. You will find us as Kashia Beauty Professional.

There we will show you more tricks for hair care, news and also dates and places where we are giving the workshops and courses that we carry out.

It will be great to have you there! Will you join?

The only thing left for me is to thank you for reading me all the way through! I’ll be back with more hair tips soon, I promise!

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