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5 hair products you should know about to protect your hair this summer.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hi, I'm Kashia, beauty professional.

The sun shines brighter in the summer and for longer hours, causing your hair to dehydrate, lose its shine and color and even become more fragile.

Sometimes we believe that we only need to protect our hair if we go to the beach, big mistake, where there is sun, there is dehydration and, therefore, we must add a series of specific care to counteract it.

What an illusion! We already notice the arrival of summer and it is a sign that the vacations are approaching. I'm sure you can't wait to put on your bikini, put on your sunglasses and go to the beach to enjoy yourself, can you?

That's why today I want to tell you about five hair products that will become your allies this summer, helping you to keep your hair hydrated, healthy and shiny. Can you ask for more?

1-Graceful Forever Nourishing Oil Spray

Our hair, like our skin, requires protection from the sun's rays, which is why Graceful Forever Nourishing Oil Spray is my first recommendation. A three-phase treatment with hyaluronic acid and nanotechnology that instantly achieves the absorption of its ingredients into the hair and scalp, adding moisture to protect it from long exposure to the sun, it also provides thermal protection, adds shine and eliminates frizz.

Doesn't it sound like a perfect product for summer? So this product will keep you from ending the season with damaged hair.

2- Kit Hair Repair Keratin Shampoo & conditioner by Kashia Beauty

Kit Hair Repair Keratin is composed of a shampoo and conditioner of vegetable keratin that will help you to gently cleanse your hair and provide high hydration for your hair, preventing it from drying out, in addition, it will give your hair an extraordinary shine and softness that will revitalize it.

Would you like to try it?

3. Rescuer Mask Deep Conditioner de Kashia Beauty

If your hair is colored or bleached you definitely need an even more powerful conditioner, I recommend Rescuer Mask Deep Conditioner because it contains a large amount of collagen, which helps the product to penetrate the hair cortex and fill the internal voids, managing to restore the damage caused by the abuse of dyes, bleaches and high exposure to the sun's rays. It is also formulated with hydrolyzed silk proteins that hydrate the hair and keep it shiny and frizz-free, as well as citric acid that reduces oiliness and leaves hair fresh and loose. Are you ready to try it?

4- Keratin Hair Repair Mask by Kashia Beauty

If you are looking for a natural cosmetic mask, free of parabens, no doubt you will love Keratin Hair Repair Mask! So much so that you will want to use it not only this summer season, but throughout the rest of the year. It is specially formulated to treat dry and damaged hair caused by external agents such as the sun, saltpeter, chlorine, pollution, among others. Its base of collagen, vegetable keratin and citric acid will help moisturize, regenerate and provide softness and elasticity to your hair.

Isn't it wonderful to have the perfect mask to make your hair more luminous and elastic this summer?

5- Hair Repair Infusion Leave in Solution by Kashia Beauty

Hair Repair Infusion Leave in Solution infusion of vegetable keratin and herbal extracts and with a high PH content automatically opens the cuticle, favoring the absorption of the keratin protein, that is why this product is among the favorites of our customers, as it will instantly help to deeply repair the hair, untangle, providing high shine and softness.

Remember that our hair will be more sensitive during the summer and we don't want to start the fall with split ends, right?

The change of season is just around the corner and you don't want to be surprised, do you?

If you follow these tips, your hair will shine as bright as the sun this summer! Now all that's left for you to do is enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

If you find this article useful, don't hesitate to share it with that friend who will surely appreciate the recommendations.

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Thanks so much for reading, I promise to come back!

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