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Which shampoo is best for my hair?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hi, I'm Kashia, beauty professional. Today I'm going to make you think about your hair and you're going to learn which shampoo is the most suitable for your hair type.

Has it ever happened to you that you go to the supermarket and spend several minutes choosing your shampoo, but you really don't know if it will work for you or you have no idea what the ingredients refer to?

Don't worry, you are not the only one. Many of us still have those doubts. The real question here is what should you do, how much do you know about your hair?

If you're reading this it's because you still haven't found the right shampoo for your hair type. If you're reading this, it's because you haven't found the right shampoo for your hair type yet.

Our hair will always be an important part of our appearance, so when we decide to change our look the first thing we choose to change is our haircut or color. But this will not be enough if our hair is not healthy or lacks shine.

Greasy, dry or damaged? What type of hair do you have?

Our scalp is defined by how much oil it produces, the care and habits we have, as well as environmental conditions.

Each person produces a different amount of oil on their scalp so the shampoo you use must be different for each person.

Identifying our hair type is essential to be able to choose our shampoo, because we will be able to identify what it needs and what we should provide it with.

Let's learn how to identify your hair type!


The causes of greasy hair have to do with an excessive production of hair oil, so if you stop washing it or if you touch it a lot during the day, it starts to feel greasy.

There are ways to reduce and control this excess oil in your hair.

Here are some tips for you to consider and apply:

● The shampoo you use is super important - be careful not to use shampoos that make your hair greasier! Choose sulfate-free shampoos with natural ingredients, such as ginger, rosemary or mint shampoos. You'll find many on the market, but I recommend one you'll love: Ginger Shampoo Strengthen by Kashia Beauty.

Do not use excessive hairsprays, foams or waxes, this generates residues in your hair and will increase the generation of sebum and shine.

● Try not to wash it daily, I know this can be difficult because it is an immediate resource to remove the appearance that has your hair, but this practice instead of benefiting it worsens it, since the scalp needs to remove its natural oils and if you do not allow it more fat will be produced to compensate.

We have entered spring and this implies more care, since we will be more exposed to the sun and pollution, so our hair will need more moisturizing care.


If the ends are split or feel a bit rough to the touch, your hair is either dry on occasion or you have dry hair that needs products to help moisturize it.

How to do it:

● Unlike the previous treatment, here you must use a shampoo that will help you moisturize your hair, so it is very important to choose a shampoo with keratin, collagen and vitamins. These ingredients will help us to maintain moisture and regenerate our hair.

Apply a keratin hair mask once a week. It will help keep your hair moisturized and shiny.

If you use hair dryers or straighteners to style your hair, you should protect it with a serum or a heat protector, as these tools are the main cause of hair damage. I recommend two products; one of them is a heat protector spray format, super convenient to use, with hyaluronic acid, Nourishing Oil Spray by Kashia Beauty that I am sure you will fall in love, so much so that you can not go without it! and the other is formulated with keratin and hydrolyzed proteins that will repair your hair, seal open cuticles and much more. I invite you to discover all its benefits. Kashia Beauty Keratin Infusion - you'll notice the difference! I assure you.

Now that you know the characteristics of dry hair and the recommendations for moisturizing it, it is important to know what differentiates it from damaged hair. Many times we come to believe that dry hair and damaged hair are the same.

Their symptoms can be very similar and this can be the cause of a bad treatment. If in doubt I recommend that before applying a thousand things to your hair, consult a beauty professional; they will help you identify your hair type, recommend the treatment that best suits you and also explain what routine to follow in your daily life to get the hair you want.

When hair needs repair, what is needed is to regenerate oils and proteins that are naturally found in the hair. So it's important to know the difference to give it the right treatment.
Let's check it out!


If your hair feels rough, lacks shine and breaks easily, it is because it is damaged and requires vitamins to regenerate.

The main damage is caused by the frequent use of hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair dyes and even weather conditions. It is therefore important to pamper it a little more and give it the care it needs to regain its vitality and look spectacular.

● Use shampoos with keratin, coconut or argan oil, they will help to regenerate and give shine to your hair.

● Take care of your hair routines, that is, if you comb your hair do it gently and if you use a hairdryer protect it with a heat protector, we recommend our Keratin Shine Lovely Silk of precious oils and that with just a little bit gives you a high ideal protection before blow-drying or straightening, it will also protect and eliminate your frizzy hair, because it is antifrizz!

If you like or need to color your hair, beware of using just any hair dye!

Always look for top quality professional hair dyes with natural ingredients that strengthen and moisturize your hair.

I suggest the latest from Kashia Beauty Professional Best Friend by Kashia Beauty

Its wide range of 58 solid, natural, shiny and long-lasting colors. Ask your salon for them and remember: Take care of your hair, it's forever,

Oh! and they are also for him, for them.

Now that you know the difference, make the most of your hair! And remember: Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

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Thank you very much for reading, I promise to come back!

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