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Discover your hair type: complete guide to hair care

Updated: Feb 23

Hi, I'm Kashia! Welcome to another blog post of mine. Let me tell you, today we're diving into a fundamental topic for all beauty enthusiasts: the different hair types!

If you're like me and believe that hair is a precious gem deserving all the attention, you're in the right place. From smooth and silky locks to enigmatic curls that defy gravity, each of us has a unique and beautiful mane. But have you ever wondered why some people seem to have been blessed with perfect hair? Is it the result of magic, genetics, or simply a matter of luck? In reality, the key lies in perfectly understanding your hair type.

So, get comfortable, hold a cup of tea in your hands, relax, and let me take you by the hand through the fascinating world of hair types from a beauty perspective. Let's start shining with confidence and style!

Let's get to know the different hair types:

1. Straight Hair:

Straight hair is smooth and tends to be quite fine, making it prone to greasing up faster than other hair types. In contrast, curly hair has a more complex structure with loops and curves that can hinder the movement of oil along the strands. This structural difference plays a significant role in managing hair oil. In straight hair, due to its uniform and slippery surface, the natural scalp oil tends to travel more easily along the strand, which may require special care to prevent oil saturation. To maintain the health and beauty of your hair at its best, always opt for quality hair products designed for straight hair to avoid it feeling heavy and clumpy. You can also experiment with hairstyles that add volume.


  • They are often smoother and easier to style.

  • They tend to look shiny and reflect light in an impressive way.


  • Prone to getting dirty quickly.

  • May lack volume and texture. Common Issues: Hair fall, lack of volume.

Common Issues: Hair fall, lack of volume.


  • Use products designed to maintain hair freshness and eliminate grease. For instance, the ANGEL HAIR SHAMPOO is perfect for effective cleansing and regulating grease. It gently cleanses without sulfates, phosphates, and parabens. With its balanced pH, it purifies, strengthens, and revitalizes each strand of hair.

  • Use shampoos that stop hair loss. You'll love the recommendation I'm about to make. Our GINGER STRENGTHEN SHAMPOO not only helps with hair loss but also promotes growth, freeing you from dandruff and greasy scalp.

Let me tell you a secret: Do you know that we have customers who have fallen in love with ginger and can't live without it?

2. Wavy Hair:

Wavy hair has an intermediate texture between straight and curly. It tends to be more prone to frizz, so it's essential to use anti-frizz products and hydrating conditioners. Waves can be enhanced with styling products and diffusers for drying.


  • Offers a naturally textured and voluminous appearance.

  • Versatile for creating diverse styles.


  • Prone to frizz and puffiness.

  • Can lose definition if over-brushed.

Common Issues: Frizz, lack of definition in waves.


  • Use anti-frizz products and hydrating conditioners. I recommend PINKY PROMISE, this powerful 100% natural treatment reconstructs and relaxes or restores the natural curl.

  • Avoid over-brushing the hair.

  • Use treatment products.

3. Curly Hair:

Remember what we talked about with straight hair? If you skipped it because your hair is curly, backtrack a bit because this concerns you. ;) Unlike the ease of distributing oil in straight hair, curly hair may need additional hydration to stay nourished as oil doesn't distribute as efficiently along the curls. Curls are beautiful but can also be unruly. Curly hair tends to be dry, so hydration is key. Use moisture-rich products like deep conditioners and curl creams. Avoid dry brushing and opt for finger-combing or a wide-tooth comb to maintain defined curls.


  • They bring personality and charm.

  • Can be very versatile and expressive.


  • Prone to frizz and dryness.

  • Require deep hydration.

Common Issues: Frizz, dryness.


  • Avoid excessive heat to prevent damage.

  • Use anti-frizz products and hydrating conditioners. I recommend PINKY PROMISE once again, as I mentioned before, it's a powerful 100% natural treatment that reconstructs and relaxes or restores the natural curl.

  • Avoid over-brushing the hair.

  • Use treatment products.

  • I also highly recommend Argan products. We have a complete line for you that you'll love! Kit Curls Collection with Argan Oil by Kashia Beauty.

4. Kinky Hair:

Kinky hair is naturally curly and tends to be thicker and denser. Hair care for kinky hair involves maintaining hydration and avoiding products that contain alcohol, as they can further dry it out. Natural oils like coconut oil or argan oil can be excellent for keeping it soft and manageable.


  • Have a strong and dense texture.

  • Tend to be resistant to damage.


  • Prone to frizz and unruliness.

  • Require hydration to stay manageable.

Common Issues: Frizz, dryness.


  • Use natural oils like argan oil or coconut oil to control frizz. Here's the link to the super-hydrating ARGAN COLLECTION, incredibly comprehensive too. I've mentioned it before, but with such a complete product, it's always worth mentioning again. ;)

  • Maintain a regular hydration routine. (Pssst, the above recommendation helps you achieve that).

5. Thin Hair:

Fine hair can be straight, wavy, or curly, but it's characterized by being thin and vulnerable to damage. Use products designed for fine hair that add volume without weighing it down. Texturized hairstyles and layers can help create a fuller appearance.


  • Easy to style and maneuver.

  • Can look delicate and elegant.


  • Often lacks volume.

  • Prone to damage.

Common Issues: Lack of volume, damage.


  • Use volumizing products like Kashia Beauty's MASK DEEP CONDITIONER RESCUER.

  • Avoid excessive use of heat and chemical products.

  • Use sulfate-free and paraben-free products as these won't overload it and prevent scalp irritations. Like the HAIR REPAIR KERATIN KIT. I especially recommend adding our LEAVING KERATIN SHINE HAIR REPAIR to your routine. You'll love the feeling it leaves in your hair.

6. Thick Hair:

Thick hair is strong and resilient but may be prone to frizz. Use products that control frizz and consider deep hair treatments to keep it soft and manageable.


  • They tend to be strong and resilient.

  • They can hold their shape for longer periods.


  • Prone to frizz and unruliness due to its density.

Common Issues: Frizz, difficulty in styling.


  • Use anti-frizz products. Treatment masks are quite helpful. I recommend the MASK HAIR REPAIR KERATIN, which also deeply hydrates and nourishes. ;)

  • Consider haircuts that reduce weight.

7. Mixed Hair:

Some people have a combination of various hair types in different parts of their head. In this case, it's important to treat each section according to its specific type for the best results.


  • Combines characteristics of various hair types.

  • Offers versatility to experiment with different styles.


  • May require specific care for each section.

Common Issues: Difficulty finding suitable products.


  • Adapt your hair care routine to each specific section. You can go back and review advice based on the hair type of each zone. ;)

In summary, each hair type has its own characteristics and needs. By knowing your hair type, you can choose specific hair products, treatments, and therapies that suit it, helping you achieve stunning, radiant, and healthy hair. So, don't underestimate the importance of this knowledge to keep your mane always spectacular!

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Thank you so much for reading. I promise to be back!

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