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Curly hair is in Style!

Updated: Feb 20

Hi, I'm Kashia, beauty professional. If your hair is curly, this article is written especially with you in mind, pay attention!

If you are a curly-haired woman or curly-haired man, the first thing you should know is that your type of hair is back in style. Now you can say goodbye to any complications you’ve had for having volume in your hair. Say goodbye to those brisk brushings and the obsession to stick all your curls to your scalp. Now the more volume your hair has, the more beautiful and sexier!

It is not by chance that the vast majority of hair product brands have agreed to draw up specific lines to solve the problems of curly hair!

I will answer the questions that you are surely asking yourself

1. How do I wash and hydrate my curly hair?

2. What haircut suits me the most?

3. Do I cut my hair if I have split ends?

4. Does the heat from the dryer hurt my curly hair?

5. Which is better, to comb my hair with dry hair or with wet hair; with a comb or brush, or better not to comb it?

1.- How do I wash and hydrate my curly hair?

The first thing you need to do is choose a gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner that are specifically formulated for your curly hair, hair products for curly hair.

Keep in mind that products that contain sulfate are very cleansing and wash away any remaining products and all dirt from the hair. So, what´s the problem? That they also take away the hydration and natural oils of your hair.

At Kashia Beauty we offer you our Argan Oil Collection products, specifically our 100% vegan shampoo and conditioner. Formulated with Argan, Moroccan oil, Proteins and Fatty acids they are also free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens.

I’m talking about SHAMPOO THE HAIR JOY and CONDITIONER THE HAIR JOY. These two products have a creamy texture that will gently wrap the hair fiber and just from the first use, you will notice that your hair recovers its structure and recovers hydration. The natural volume and curl will return! Heads Up!

If your hair is dyed you can also use them.

How wonderful! Beauty and Health!

2.- Which haircut suits me the most?

As with any type of the haircuts, before putting the scissors your stylist will have to study your features and head structure. Any stylist will have to take into account if you have a round, square, oval or elongated face.

However, curly hair still maintains a preferred haircut, the asymmetrical cut: it will draw and place your curls at different heights. In this way your curls will have a very beautiful natural movement. Don't fall into the mistake of allowing layers to de-move volume. If you do, your curl loses strands by not being equal and having less hair.

My advice, "before putting the scissors to work, consult a good stylist".

3.- Do I cut my hair if I have Split ends?

Until not so long ago the answer would be: Yes please! However, now the answer is: No! Don't even think about cutting your hair just for having split ends!

It is true that curly hair tends to lose moisture, which then dehydrates easily and therefore breaks; in many cases this is due to its irregular structure. That's why it's important to pamper your hair, especially when it looks dry, rough, or frizzy.

In Kashia Beauty we have formulated a collagen conditioner without the need to rinse, special for your curly hair, it is our POWERFULL PLUS. But what benefits does this product give you? The Powerfull Plus conditioner repairs the hair cuticle, restores moisture to each hair strand, and it will detangle all while giving your hair a shine.

Say goodbye to split ends and recover your lost curls! Isn't that fantastic?

4.- Does the heat from the dryer hurt my curly hair?

However, I'm sorry to say that hot air with a lot of pressure affects your curls; it dries them out and generates the dreaded frizz. That is, it produces a great dehydration! The same as using any towel to remove excess moisture, remember to use a microfiber one, it will damage your hair less.

To avoid using a blow dryer, one of the recommendations I can give you is to dry your curls outdoors and if it is winter, rain and cold, do it with a dryer, but with the lowest temperature and power, it will take longer, but your curls will thank you!

Another recommendation that seems even more accurate, more than anything because of the extra benefits you will receive, is to use a heat protector for hair. In Kashia Beauty we rely on our KERATIN SHINE LOVELY SILK, composed of keratin proteins, precious oils, and arnica extract. If you throw a small amount before using the dryer, as well as detangling, softening, and shining your hair it will protect it from high temperature and pressure.

Say goodbye to frizz too!

5.- Does the heat from the dryer hurt my curly hair?

This is the question that provokes the most doubts. Here I am going to be very direct.

Comb it? Always! I advise to, always comb it while wet and with a special comb for curly hair, with wide spikes, start before doing it with your fingers, and always after having applied a product that helps to detangle, such as a mask, conditioner, styling oils, etc. By the way, in Kashia Beauty we offer you our ARGAN OIL MASK, of collagen, citric acid and argan oil seeds (omega 3 and 6; vitamin E), in addition to being free of parabens, it will help detangle your hair without breakage and will also provide hydration, elasticity and more defined curls.

Do I use a brush? Never, and especially not if still dry!

Can you untangle while your hair is wet and without applying any specific product? Never! The only thing you will achieve if you do so will be to break your hair, since many hairs when wet weaken. Finally, remember that if you want to have happy hair, always remember to treat your hair with great affection!

I hope that, with these simple tips, your curls will look spectacular. Health and beauty!

Of course, there are many more!

If you want to share one with me, tell us here!

Remember that your curly hair is fashionable! and that using top quality products that deserve your trust is a guarantee for your hair.

« Your hair is forever and to wear every day.

Pamper it as it deserves to, every second of your life!


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Now I can only thank you for reading me.

I'll be back with more hair tips, I promise!

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